2nd Quarter LIFE Group Teacher’s Meeting –

June 25 (A351) – 8:30am and 11am


- Welcome

- (Show video “Awesome”) – Tom

-- Thank you, teachers and directors, you’re awesome!

- Briefly cover Fire Emergency procedures. As a LIFE Group Leader:

1.     When the fire alarm sounds, direct occupants to quietly exit classrooms in an orderly manner according to the exit plans posted in each classroom.  Belongings should be left behind.

2.     Bring your class roster/attendance sheet with you!

3.     When evacuating, move occupants to the South Entrance parking lots (Hwy 50 side of the building) keeping them a safe distance from the building, away from responding fire equipment (at least 100’ from the building).

4.     Teachers/leaders, as soon as possible after evacuation, check attendance to account for everyone.  Utilize your attendance sheet or class roster to account for all class members.

5.     Report to your ministry leader, who in turn will report to a designated church staff member and let them know if everyone in your class/activity is accounted for – if not let them know who is missing.

6.     The staff member will take reports from all ministry leaders in their designated location and report that information to the designated Senior Staff representative who will in turn report to the fire department personnel.

7.     Await the all clear before reentering.  

-  It’s Summertime! How to keep your LIFE Group from “wilting.” – Barbara

CLICK HERE for Barbara's teaching notes!

- Prayer Time – Barbara

a)     On your 3"x5" card write 2-3 prayer requests you have for your LIFE Group

b)     Collect – Adult Ministries staff is committed to praying for your requests

- “What’s the Point? Sharpening the focus of your lesson” – Obie

CLICK HERE for Obie's teaching notes!

- Roundtable Discussion – “The Importance of Starting New LIFE Groups” – Tom

1.     What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “starting a new LIFE Group”?

2.     Is it important that we start new LIFE Groups? Why or why not?

3.     How can you and your LIFE Group be actively involved in planting new LIFE Groups?

  As a leader:

a. By discipling/training new LIFE Group leaders. How? How can you do this?

    i. Identify potential teachers

   ii. Disciple – Teach them how you prepare a lesson; Have them teach a portion of a lesson for you and then give them feedback; Have them fill in for you when you are away

  iii. Release – Release them from your LIFE Group - Send them out

  iv. Apprenticing – We will be working on a simple system of apprenticing that you can use to disciple and develop future teachers

   As a Group? How can your LIFE Group support new LIFE Group starts?

- Show Pastor Doug’s video

- Announcements – Tom

-- No LIFE Groups on July 2, Patriotic Service at 10:30am

-- New option for the Explore the Bible curriculum

  • See the handout in front of you - CLICK HERE to see the handout

-- Prices of LifeWay Student Books:

  • Explore the Bible - $2.65 each; Explore the Bible Daily Discipleship Guide - $3.75; Bible Studies for Life - $2.65 each; MasterWork - $6.35

We want to be good stewards of God’s resources! Encourage your members to:

1.     Keep up with their guides – don’t lose them

2.     Bring them to LIFE Group

3.     And most importantly – Encourage your LIFE Group members to USE THEM! Encourage them to come prepared for LIFE Group having read the lesson for that day.

- Questions, needs, comments or concerns?

- Close in prayer