We are God Centered - We want to find and follow God’s will for our church and our lives.

We are Bible Based - We want to base our faith and practices on God’s teaching.

We are Purpose Guided - We exist to glorify God by following his purposes for our church.

Worship ~ our expression of love to God.

Ministry ~ demonstrating God’s love by caring for the needs of people.

Evangelism ~ helping others encounter God’s grace.

Fellowship ~ knowing, supporting and strengthening other believers.

Discipleship ~ growing deeper in our understanding of and commitment to God.

We are Outward Focused - We want to create an environment where people can safely and clearly understand and consider the claims of Jesus. We want to love and plan for those who aren’t here yet.

We are Small Group Oriented -  As we grow larger we want to grow smaller. LIFE Groups (Sunday School) help us fulfill our mission for God.