Worship Communication Assistant

Hours: This is a part time 20 hour a week position.

Skills:  We need strong communication and organizational skills.  This person coordinates the Volunteers used for all three service environments.  Three different sets of people, music, and technical configurations are used every week to produce these three unique worship services.  There is a high volume of communication and details taking place weekly to make sure that everything runs smoothly for Wed night rehearsals and Sunday Morning Services.  

Key Responsibilities:  Schedule musicians and vocalists for each of the three services.  Schedule Offertory specials.  Give assistance to both the Worship Assistant (Shonda Cook) and Production Director (Shawn Boyer) as needed.  Crunch times are Easter, Memorial Day Concert, Fourth of July Community Service, our Christmas Outreach Event – “Getting in the Christmas Mood,” and our Christmas Eve Services.  In addition to our normal weekly demands, we also facilitate other Departments in the Church with their major events that come into the Sanctuary.  There is a volume of communication and coordination with these additional events and how they impact things taking place on Sunday.  We need You to help us manage this “storm” and keep everything on track! 

We are looking for a highly motivated individual who is a self-starter, strong in their communication abilities, highly organized, detail-oriented, and sees what is needed without being told.  We have a strong team unity among the Worship Staff, and we sincerely love working together in doing what we do.  Do you sense God is calling you to this position?  If so, we would love to hear from you. 

Desired Start Date – April 15…the week of Easter. 

To apply, complete an application and send it along with your resume to Mark Jones, FBCO Worship Pastor.

Instrumental Director

Our Worship Department has a vacancy for a part-time position specializing in Instrumental Music. Applicant will be responsible for the following tasks in connection to our Orchestra:

  • Rehearse instrumental music (must know how to read an Orchestration or Big Band scores)

  • Recruit new members

  • Communicate and build team atmosphere with musicians

    • In addition to musical skills, this person will spend time interacting with the musicians, creating a personal bond.

  • Conduct a choir rehearsal when the Worship Pastor is gone or the choir is doing sectional work