Our Multimedia/Production Team is here to provide technical support and help create an environment in which our church family can encounter God's presence and power through worship.

There is a lot going on every week behind the scenes of our worship services, and it takes a crew of volunteers just like you to make it happen. From audio and video, to lighting and cameras, we are always looking for hard-working, dedicated people to help create an authentic worship experience for our congregation.

Here are some of the volunteer positions that might be right for you:

Camera Operators are responsible for manning each of the four cameras we use to record and broadcast services and events. Camera Ops work with direction from the Camera Director to obtain shots that help bring our congregation—both live and watching elsewhere—closer to what's happening on the stage.

Video Switchers work with the Camera Director to operate switching and control systems during services and events. Camera Operators and Switchers can serve in one service on Sunday morning, leaving them free to attend worship and LIFE Groups as well.

FOH (Front-of-House) Audio Engineers are responsible for setting up audio equipment (microphones, instruments, etc.) and operating audio for worship services, special events, and rehearsals.

Projectionists operate the software that displays song lyrics, message points, and other information on the screens during services and events. They work with the Camera Director to ensure that text and graphics appear in a timely manner and blend seamlessly into the overall video presentation.

Lighting Operators are responsible for running the stage lighting console during services and events. Their primary responsibility is to play back the pre-recorded "looks" that are programmed for each service by following a cue list, while making adjustments as needed.

Stage Managers supervise the backstage area during services and events. They ensure the timely and efficient movement of people, props, and equipment on and off the stage and facilitate communication between the multimedia crew and on-stage personnel.

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