Our vocalists are the face of the worship experience at First Baptist O’Fallon (FBCO). From the stage, they welcome members and guests of FBCO before leading everyone in worship. Just like the musicians in our band, vocalists are first to arrive at the Worship Center for the final sound mixing and run-through. 


These frontline vocalists are used at all three of our worship services (Traditional, Blended, and Modern.) Each service strives to be true in all aspects to its name, which means, we need different traits for the people filling these teams. Example: Traditional worship is more reserved in nature, with minimal nonverbal motion, while Modern worship is very expressive with a lot of nonverbal motion. We want each team of vocalists to operate in their natural area of comfort to lead our people in each of these three unique worship settings.

Due to the fast-paced world of producing 3 different worship settings each week, Frontline Vocalists are expected to know the songs and your harmony parts on your own. We have a weekly rehearsal time where we “put it all together.” These Teams are by invite or you may request an audition to participate. For Traditional and Blended Frontline Teams, there is the additional requirement to be a member of the Worship Choir. Since the Worship Choir is not used for the Modern Service, that is not a requirement for the Modern Frontline Team.

If you have a passion for leading God’s people into His presence & power through praise and worship, then we would invite you to speak to us and let’s pursue this ministry possibility with you.


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